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About Honour Muay Thai

Honour Muay Thai Gym is the culmination of 20 years dedication and passion for Thailand’s national sport: Muay Thai.

Set within beautiful Krabi’s limestone Karsts and only minutes from the town of Ao Nang and its famous beaches, Honour Muay Thai Gym is the perfect setting for your authentic Muay Thai experience.

We are dedicated to offering guests at all levels, from professional fighters to beginners, the very best in Traditional Muay Thai training to attain your goals.

Muay Thai

Want an introduction to the noble art of Muay Thai, or just lose weight & get in shape? Don't be shy! We accept all levels!

Muay Thai
...To PRO

If you're looking for a rigorous training camp in preparation for a fight, our team of Thai champion trainers is here to help.

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Our trainers

  • Ajarn Man
    Total fights: 74 fights
    Home: Sakon Nakhon
    Age: 24
    Style: Fimeu
    Notable win: Isaan Tai Sitchefbuntham

    With more than 70 fights, Ajarn Man is still fighting and teaching his unique and explosive style. Very athletic and hard to hit, he is also very funny and loves to play. Very dedicated to making you better. A fantastic sparring partner!

  • Ajarn Film
    Total fights: 126 fights
    Age: 23
    Style: Fimeu/Aggressive
    Notable win: Thotsakan Chiebkiatphet

    Ajarn Film, A quiet gentleman with a lovely sense of calm, although he is a vicious aggressive striker and at 23 years old with over 126 fights will show you through action how to get your opponent in a bad place and you in a dominant position

  • Ajarn Bus
    Total fights: 110
    Home: Krabi
    Age: 23
    Style: Muay Khao
    Notable win: Kongsuk Sor Sumalee

    Ajarn Bus, long term member of the gym, only 23 with over 100 fights. He favours a a Muay Khao style involving heavy knees, excellent in the clinch too. His measured and calm teaching style with have you confident up close "in the pocket".

  • Ajarn Mum
    Total fights: 360
    Age: 42
    Style: Muay Khao
    Notable win: Rungroj Sakthawin

    This teacher is very friendly and can teach many techniques. Ajarn Mum, the resident clinch expert with a big heart. Super friendly but deadly in the clinch. You will learn many exciting techniques about getting your opponent down from him. Impossible to put down.

  • Ajarn Tuu
    Total fights: 270 fights
    Home: Nakhon Si Thammarat
    Age: 38
    Style: Muay Khao
    Notable win: Namchok Phetsupaphan

    Ajarn Tu, is the gentle giant of the gym, still fighting at heavy weight with over 250 fights, this kind soul loves the basics of the art, teaching his aggressive and hard kicking style with a big grin.

  • Ajarn Eek
    Total fights: 312
    Home: Nakhon Si Thamnarat
    Age: 38
    Style: Fimeu/Aggressive
    Notable win: Superball Singmawin

    Ajarn Eek, brings a fierce action style of fighting and lots of laughs. But, he will push you improve and is quite the force of nature. A man of passion. Brother of world class fighter Nopparat Kiatkhamtorn

  • Ajarn Wee
    Total fights: 153 fights
    Home: Krabi
    Age: 23
    Style: Muay Khao
    Notable win: Phet Andaman Saroj

    Ajarn Wee, a long time trainer and still an active fighter at the gym. He always has a smile and a kind words of encouragement. A fantastic fighter and pad holder, he can sharpen your technique quickly. Like all the trainers he has ‘jai dee’, good heart

Our training facility

Full gym and large ring. 8 bags with varying weights and sizes for different levels plus water bag, uppercut posts and a large range of training/exercise equipment for afters.

Everything included apart from gloves, pads and wraps which can be rented cheaply. Free water.
Clean, comfortable, all with wardrobe, a/c or fan. Room are next to the gym, have Wi-Fi throughout, with several options to suit.

Two 4 person rooms, 2 single rooms and 3 double rooms. Enquire early to hold your room, as the singles go fast.
Amazing food from Goy twice a day, washing machines, 3 sofas and TV with all the channels. A lovely garden, it really is a beautiful relaxed environment you will feel completely at home in. 4 showers on site. Scooter rental.

Live the family Muay Thai team gym life, we are known for it.


Training sessions take place every day from monday to Saturday. Training can be varied due to tiredness and ability. We like to try and get trainees coming into the gym everyday so it becomes habit!

Note: running and skipping are mandatory for those who plan to fight only.

Morning session
  • 6:00am running
  • Training Starts 8:00 am
  • Stretching
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Pad work 3-5 rounds
  • Bag Work
  • Technique drills
  • Muay Thai / Western boxing sparring
  • Weights and body conditioning
Afternoon session
  • 3:30 pm skipping
  • Training Starts 4:00 pm
  • Stretching
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Pad work 3-5 rounds
  • Bag work
  • Technique drills
  • Sparring / clinching
  • Weights and body conditioning


  • "I loved my month I spent at Honour and can’t wait to get back and hang with the crew and train some more"
    Arias,from New Zealand
  • "The trainers did a great jobs of pushing me physically while meeting me at my skill level"
    Abigail,from USA
  • "The training was so much fun and challenging, and the social atmosphere took me by surprise"
    Ariella,from Sweden
  • "The trainers were champions in Thailand and know everything there is to know about Muay Thai"
    Joe,from UK
  • "Will 100% be back for more and highly recommended"
    Adam,from UK
  • "There are so many great gyms in Thailand, with great trainers and great fighters. And Honour Muay Thai gym is definitely one of them"
    Femi,from UK
    Muay Thai/K1 Professional fighter
  • "Great trainers who will all go out their way for you to make your experience the best possible"
    Aaron,from UK
  • "Howard and his team were welcoming, encouraging and patient"
    Jinny,from USA


Our configurator lets you customize everything about your stay.
Walk-in training costs: 400 THB for one session/day, 700 THB two sessions/day.

Training only

This package includes Muay thai training twice-a-day, 6 days-per-week.

Training + Accommodation

If you intend to stay on site between training sessions, this package adds variable types of accomodations to the training curriculum.

All inclusive

If you want to train, eat and live on site, getting the full, authentic Muay Thai gym experience!

Muay Khao

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can any level train and stay at Honour Muay Thai Gym?

    Yes, all levels are accepted and any motivated person is welcome train and stay.

  • Can I buy and rent equipment at Honour Muay Thai Gym?

    Yes, everything is available to buy or rent on site: gloves, shinpads, wraps.

  • Do you offer private lessons?

    Absolutely, you can book 1-hour sessions with any of our trainers. Please check the costs section.

  • Do I need to book in advance before coming?

    Yes, booking needs to be made, due to high demand of our rooms and training. So please secure your place.

  • Does the gym offer discounted rates for long term students?

    Yes, the gym gives longer term students lowered/discounted rates, please check our booking configurator.

  • Can I rent a Motorbike/scooter at the gym?

    Yes, you can get cheap bikes directly from us. Please note that models may vary.

  • Do you offer vegetarian / halal food options?

    Yes, there is a option for vegetarians to come and eat also as group at breakfast and dinner. Moreover, since we're located in a predominantly muslim province, all the meat served is halal.

  • Do I need bring a towel and toiletries?

    Yes, you need to bring your own towel and toiletries

Not finding the answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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