Honour Muay Thai


About Honour Muay Thai

Honour Gym, was started for the love of the sport, Muay Thai. This shall carry on by giving the opportunity for fighters from around the world to enjoy the sport and having the perfect setting to achieve the high volume of training to become a fighter and compete in this wonderful sport.

The gym is next a Thai-boxing stadium where fights are held once a week. You have to walk through this stadium to access Honour Muay Thai.

The gym is near a Thai-boxing stadium where fights are held Three times a week. If your goal is to fight this is a perfect setting for you to do so.

Food at the gym. There will be 2 meals a day eaten and shared with the Trainers and fighters. The food will likely to be rice, fish, chicken, pork, vegetables. There will be plenty to refuel your hunger.

The gym, trainers and fighters have a wealth of experience to keep you fighters highly motivated and well versed in Muay Thai. We really are a team that want to make people successful.

The idea of the gym is to create high level fighters. It would be good if you decide to come to the gym to be able Jog at least 10km without stopping this would give better conditioning for Training and less chance of injury occurring! Up to you.

We ask you to leave your ideas at the door and let us take control of your training. Your ideas and feedback are always welcome when training has finished. You could speak to the head Trainer or the manager if you would like to add something.

The stadium also has a Thai-boxing shop that sells high quality gear/equipment with prices that are low priced. Everything you need for Muay Thai can be bought there.The owner has had over thirty years in Thai-boxing and prides himself on selling only quality products.

Gym Rules

  1. Always wai your Kru/Ajarn at the start of the day
  2. Muay Thai shorts or short legged
  3. No smoking or consuming alcohol is permitted in gym area
  4. Mobile phones NOT to used in training time (videoing is allowed with permission)
  5. Jogging and NO walking
  6. Wai kru is to be practiced
  7. Committing to a fight is a verbal contract
  8. You must not use bad language in the gym
  9. Must be helpful to all
  10. Fighting is for your Kru/Ajarn with pride and honour
  11. Eating sensibly
  12. Try and take part in every session