Honour Muay Thai Gym - Ao Nang, Krabi

About Honour Muay Thai Gym

Honour Gym Muay Thai Gym is owned by Howard and Ajarn Yodchai Noi, their motivation coming from the love of the sport and a desire to give back to others all the benefits that Muay Thai has given them during fighting careers that span over 40 years combined. Their wealth of experience and incredible knowledge can attract the best trainers from around Thailand and will ensure a stay at Honour Gym is a memorable experience for everybody and a remarkable journey for those who are new to Muay Thai as they discover and delve deeper into Thailand’s ancient fighting art.

There is no shortcut in learning Muay Thai. The only path to success is through hard work, discipline and dedication. We will teach you technique, skill and balance which will instil confidence as your training progresses.

Food at the gym is prepared by Goi, Howard’s partner and we offer residents 2 meals a day 6 days a week after training. We always eat together (if there’s room at the table) to encourage the family and team orientated vibe we have at the gym. Goi will prepare a delicious mix of Thai and Western food that will sate any appetite and refuel you for your next training session!

We welcome any feedback from our guests that can help to improve the experience of your stay and are able to offer advice on the amazing things you can discover in Ao Nang and the local area during your off time.

Welcome to Honour Muay Thai.

We've been featured as one of the best Muay Thai camps in all of Thailand.

Gym Rules

  1. Always wai your Kru/Ajarn at the start of the day.
  2. Respect and listen to your teacher.
  3. Try to do techniques/training asked of you.
  4. Muay Thai shorts or short legged.
  5. No smoking or consuming alcohol is permitted in gym area.
  6. Mobile phones NOT to used in training time (videoing allowed).
  7. Wai Kru Ram Muay is to be practiced.
  8. Committing to a fight is a verbal contract.
  9. You must not use bad language in the gym.
  10. Must be helpful to all.
  11. Fighting is for your Kru/Ajarn with pride and honour.
  12. Eating sensibly.
  13. Try and take part in every session.
  14. Enjoy yourself!